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June Newsletter - The Tie Binder
June Events
Inside Outside Upside Down – Part One
I grew up watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Sure, Bugs Bunny and the Roadrunner, but also a myriad of other cartoons. One of my favorites, at, 8 or 9, was Josie and the Pussycats. A girl band on tour who ran into mysteries to be solved and devious situations to rectify every week. And then they sang.
    At the time, we all ate that wonderful sugary cereal that is now frowned upon. I couldn’t wait to get the prize inside the box. Sometimes the prize was on the box, in the form of a 45 record with a J and the P song. I can hum the tune of one of those records, Inside, Outside, Upside Down. Search on YouTube if you care to listen. I marveled at the technology that allowed a cardboard record with a plastic coating to play on the record player. But play it did, and I enjoyed those pop songs, the cereal, and the cartoons. Mind you, the song is about a girl liking a boy, but it is just the title that I am using for my reference in this article!
    June is a lovely month. It’s good to have the summer breezes, the sunshine, the fresh air, the change of pace from the schedule of the school year. And we have lovely plans for our church Worship Services and activities in June.
    Sunday, June 3rd we will be inside the church sanctuary, with Worship and the Lord’s Supper. Lunch for the whole church family and Board Meetings will be held afterwards.
    Sunday, June 10th we will meet at the Paw Paw Shelter in Hills and Dales Park at 11. This is the coolest shelter around…you will not need to be in the hot sun for this…unless you want to be! Our Worship Service will be a bit shorter than usual, and afterwards the grill will be fired up to cook hot dogs and other good stuff. Please bring a dish to share and a ‘cool’ attitude! After a leisurely lunch, there will be a scavenger hunt for all ages. 
    Sunday, June 17th our Worship Service will be inside, and we will remember that it is Fathers’ Day!
    Sunday, June 24th is the last Sunday of June, and once again, we will be worshipping inside in our lovely sanctuary.
    The day before, on Saturday June 23rd, we will have a parking lot event. It is a Trunk Sale! Fill your car, or SUV, or truck up with stuff you no longer want, but that you believe might be worth selling. We will have you pull into the church parking lot so that your trunk or truck bed lines up with others. Then, you simply pull things out of your vehicle and sell them! Use a blanket, bring a table, or carry one out from the fellowship hall. Its 4 hours of fun, plus you will be supporting the efforts of our church to have fun events for our community. Invite your friends and neighbors to come and set up a trunk full of stuff next to you! Our goal is 30 vehicles. We will ask just $10 as a donation from each vehicle. The funds will be used in ministry with children and youth, mostly with our Back to School Fair in August. And the bonus – leave the leftovers for the Rummage Sale in July!
    So, in June this year, let’s keep our faith community strong, inside the church, and outside the church. And I can hardly wait to tell you about the upside-down part next month!

                                                                                Pastor Karen Johnson
TUESDAYS, 9:30 am
Crafters Group

Sunday, June 3
Boards 12:15, Advisory Council 1:00
Scholarship Applications Due

Tuesday, June 5
Bingo @ The Oaks, 2 pm

Friday-Saturday, June 8-9
ABWM/Ohio Annual Conference, Zanesville

Sunday, June 10
Outdoor Worship & Picnic @ PawPaw Shelter

Monday, June 11
CWU Human Rights Celebration, Summit Christian Church, 1:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 17
Father’s Day
Newsletter deadline

Thursday, June 21
ABWM Picnic @ Bessie & Herbe Smith’s home, Noon

Saturday, June 23
DABWM Board Meeting @ DLABC, 10 a.m.
Trunk Sale, 10 am - 2 pm, parking lot

Sunday, June 24
Scholarship Awards
Thank You For Serving in June

Worship Leader
June 3 Amy Thompson
June 10 Joyce Kelley
June 17 TimHaugan
June 24 Megan Farnham

Amy Thompson

Cookie Baker
Flo Heizer

Children’s Church
June 3 N/A
June 10 Lori Frueauf
June 17  
June 24  

June 3 Lori Frueauf
June 10  
June 17  
June 24  

June 3 Board Meeting – CE Board
June 10 Church Picnic
June 17 Joyce/Vera
June 24 Bev

June 3 Edmund Sasak
June 10 John Frueauf
June 17 Brian Thompson
June 24 Edmund Sasak
Trunk Sale
Saturday, June 23, 2018
10 am - 2 pm

Bring your car or van full of stuff to sell. 
Spread out near your trunk on blankets or tables. 
The church is asking for a donation of $10 from each seller. 
Set up begins at 9 am. 
We will be directing the parking to make spacing available.
Come and shop, buy and sell!
American Baptist Women

Thanks to Linda Emmons and Joyce Kelley for  arranging our All Daughters Luncheon in May. It was a  BEE-utiful event.

Our annual picnic will be held at the home of Bessie and Herbe Smith on Thursday, June 21 at noon. All men and women are invited to attend. Bring a dish to share.  We will enjoy viewing Bessie's lovely gardens.

Mission/Caring Boards

Disbursements were:
Wu’s $100.00
Dayton Christian $75.00
United Missions Basics $328.92
Bucket Fund $10.60
America for Christ $512.00
Mercy Manor $100.00
DABA Dues $50.00

Eleven cards were sent. Betty Asher visited Janet, Lillie Mae and Elenor.

Helping with Bingo: Judy Teeters, Jerri Wood, Joyce Kelley and Bev Scarpelli