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February Newsletter - The Tie Binder
February Events

I’ve been encouraging folks to pray since I taught middle school Sunday School at Mt. Auburn Baptist. I was in the midst of college at the University of Cincinnati (go Bearcats!) and managed to be a regular at church, singing in the choir and going to adult Sunday School. Someone thought I should give teaching a try, and so, with the help of a ‘real’ adult I did. As I recall, we did alright with the class, and I do figure they came away with some knowledge of the Bible, some positive feelings about God, and the idea of a relationship with Jesus, if not yet a commitment to the Lord. And some idea of what prayer is for, about, and how to do it.

Since that time, oh, about 35 years ago, I’ve done a bit more work on prayer. I’ve taken classes, I’ve been to retreats, I’ve read books. And I’ve taught about prayer, in seminars, Bible Study, Sunday School, and sermons. And I’ve prayed. Sometimes long stretches, sometimes with intention, sometimes in emergencies. Alone with God, with others, in groups. All sorts of places, situations, times. And so here is my collected wisdom about prayer and the best way to talk with God.

Just do it.

Seem a little simplistic. Like maybe I ought to be able to come up with something a little better, more impressive, worthy of a newsletter article.

But, no. There it is, just like the Nike slogan, which has been around since 1988. Simple, to the point, obvious. Not always easy or convenient, but true.

And you already know this. You do it. In your own way and time, with your people or alone. Out loud and fancy, in your heart and heartfelt, prayer happens in your life.

Folks experience what prayer is like in different ways. You may feel like you are conversing with God. You may not. You might find it a great routine to pray at bedtime each night. You might fall asleep. You might sprinkle prayer throughout your day. 
You might pray all at once. However you are doing it, that’s how you should do it.

We pray because we believe. We pray because we hope. We pray because we are devoted to our Lord, Jesus Christ. And we probably know that over time, as we pray and pray and pray, that it changes us. Closer to God is always my hope, just as talking with a friend over the years draws you closer together with them.

And answers? Sometimes instant and surprising. Sometimes not coming, or not being perceived. We get answers from friends, from the Bible, from church, from our own hearts leading us, from a word from the Lord, and many more ways. It is not a guaranteed what-we-wanted answer, but a God-knows better answer, when it comes. We often think that we do not get answers, but when I have kept a prayer journal, for myself or a church, there are answers galore as I have looked back through the pages.

You pray now, right? I do too. Keep doing that. It’s good. Maybe pray more? Wouldn’t hurt. 

Prayerfully, Pastor Karen
Tuesday, February 4
Valentine Party for residents at the Oaks, 
2:00 PM

Saturday, February 8
Board Retreat, 10-3

Sunday, February 16
Blanket Sunday
March newsletter deadline
Thank you for Serving in February

Worship Leader
Joyce Kelley

Linda Emmons

February 2 Kelly Medina/Lori Frueauf
February 9 Amy Thompson/Linda Emmons
February 16 Megan Farnham/Brian Sinks
February 23 Lori Frueauf/Susan Sinks

February 2 Joyce Kelley
February 9 Trustees
February 16 Linda Emmons
February 23 Judy Teeters/Betty Asher

February 2  
February 9  
February 16 Brian Thompson
February 23
Thank You from the Church Staff

To the folks at Dorothy Lane Baptist. Thank you for all of your cards, gifts and well wishes during the Christmas season. I appreciate you very much.

Custodian Steve Boggs

Happy New Year and thanks to the Women's Baptist Association and other Church family members for the gifts and kind words during the Christmas season. All much appreciated and quickly put to use.  The Christmas Eve service is always a special night and it was especially so to me this year. The closing singing of Silent Night by candlelight was a magic moment to all. 

Best wishes and good health to all for the coming year.  See you in church!

Jack Smith  (Joyful Noise Department)

Thank you to my DLABC Church Family and to the American Baptist Women for the Christmas cards and gifts. Your thoughtfulness and your kindness shown during the Christmas season is very much appreciated.

Pat Manley
American Baptist Women 
We will meet on Tuesday, February 4 at 2:00 p.m. at the Oaks Nursing Home on Dorothy Lane. Our program is to “Sisters Serving: Valentine Party for Residents”. Coordinators are Bev Scarpelli & Judy Teeters.

Christmas Project
During December our groups sponsored five children (in three families) in the Angel Tree Project. This ministry is part of Prison Fellowship in which children of incarcerated parents are given Christmas gifts on their behalf by individuals or groups. We purchased a gift and also an item of clothing (coat, pants, tops). Smiles and happiness abounded as the gifts were delivered. Gospel books were given also so each understands the gifts are out of love for Jesus.

Church World Service Blanket Sunday
On Sunday February 16 we will be taking an offering for CWS Blankets. The verse this year is “They are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity” 2 Corinthians 8:2. Together we can make many families stay warm this winter. Making a donation will help with this endeavor. Each blanket costs only $10 but each one provides support, warmth and encouragement.
Remembering James S. Trent

Jim Trent died on January 9, 2020 at 86 years old. He is survived by his wife, Patricia; sons, Allen (Peggy) and Brian Trent; grandson, Eric (Jordan) Trent; grandchildren, Paige, Tony, Eric, Nevadah, Denver, and London; great grandson, Trevor.

Visitation and the funeral service were held on January 12, 2020 at the James S. Trent Arena. Tyler Trent from Lifepointe Church led the service and Pastor Karen Johnson officiated at the graveside service at the City of Kettering Cemetery, where military honors were also given. 

Jim received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Marshall University.  He served in the US Navy as a signalman aboard the USS Allagash.  Following his service in the Navy, Jim served as a Teacher, Principal, Director, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and Board of Education Member for the Kettering City Schools.  After his 30 years in Kettering, Jim became an administrator in the College of Education at Wright State University and ended his career as a strategic planning consultant. 

He was the 2004 grand marshal of Kettering’s Holiday at Home festival. The Fairmont High School’s Trent Arena bears his name. It was completed in 2005, and is a 4,300-seat facility.

As reported in the Dayton Daily News, “The Kettering City Schools lost a true advocate of public education in Mr. James Trent,” said Kettering Superintendent Scott Inskeep. “Trent was an avid supporter of arts and athletics in Kettering. He served the district for more than six decades as a teacher, principal, superintendent and board member, and he always put students first.”

Our church family mourns with Pat, the family, and the community.
Library – Off the Shelf News
Do you enjoy reading about people? This month we highlight the biography section of the library. There is a wide range of biographies such as: Adoniram Judson, Helen Keller, David Brinkley, Ronald Reagan, John Glenn and more. We have people not so well known whose lives give testimony of their faith: Bob Childres, Svetlyaru Allileyeva, Dorothy Clarke Wilson, Grace Nies Fletcher to name just a few.
We also have a collection of sixteen books about the women of the Bible. These 
are not biographies but historical fiction books that make the lives of Miriam Rebekah, Rahab, Merari and others so real.
There will be a sampling of biographies in the Fireplace Area during January and February.

Mission/Caring Board
December Disbursements were:
Wu’s $100.00
Dayton Christian $ 75.00
United Missions Basic $
Bucket Fund $1.00

We will revise the 2020 Emergency Call Plan. A used lift chair will be bought for Linda Sharp.
Honoring Steve Boggs
Steve was honored by St. John’s United Church of Christ for 25 years of service as Custodian. Steve continues to serve St. John’s United Church of Christ and DLABC very faithfully and we appreciate Steve.

Pastor Ken Damon
We are so appreciative of Pastor Ken’s ministry at Shroyer Road Baptist Church where he served as Minister for over 25 years. We wish the very best in retirement for Pastor Ken and his family.