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November Newsletter - The Tie Binder
November Events
Caring Board

We are still looking for folks to sign up for Fellowship Time. Please let Jerri Wood know if you wish to be added or deleted from the schedule.
    We are thankful for those who contributed to Dayton CROP Walk. $420 was donated from DLABC. One fourth of that will stay in the Dayton area to help with hunger. We donated 8 school kits and 36 health kits to Church World Service….Thank you. Thank you.

American Baptist Women

November 16 we will meet in Fellowship Hall at 10:00 a.m. Coordinator, Judy Teeters will lead us in a show and tell program on “Feel Thankfulness”. Each lady is asked to bring something to show her thankfulness. Hostess is Jerri Wood and devotions are by Joyce Kelley.
    We thank Pat Trent, our White Cross Chairperson, who gathered and encouraged us to reach our goals for Race Track Ministry. The items were transported to Rev. Harris. Thanks to all who contributed.

Mission Board
Disbursements were:
Bucket Fund - $3.25; Wu’s - $100.00; Dayton Christian Center - $75.00; United Missions Basics - $285.05; Hurricane Relief - $515.00, with $150.00 from the Mission Board and $365.00 from the congregation.

Thanks to those helping with BINGO in October: Lillie Mae Allen, Vera Trigg, Joyce Kelley, Judy Teeters and Bev Scarpelli.Caring Board

Off the Library Shelf...

Since the pastor is using a book about joy for Sunday School and on Sunday morning sermons, listed below are books that are joyful and will give you a smile. They are located in a basket in our church library on the lower level.
Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy and Fresh Elastic for Stretched out Moms by Barbara Johnson.
Older But WilderOver What Hill, and Out to Pasture by Effie L. Wilder.
How to Eat Humble Pie and Not Get Indigestion by Charlene Baumbich.
Worms in My Tea and Other Blessings by Freeman and Arnold.
Meditations to Make you Smile by M. Beckman
Every Time I Go Home I Break Out in RelativesMarriage 911Married Beyond Recovery by Sylvia Harvey.
Sportin' a 'TudeOne Size Fits AllNormal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer, and God Uses Cracked Pots by Patsy Clairmont.

We also have Thanksgiving Ideals and Harvest Ideals with short stories, poems and lovely fall pictures.

I am always pleasantly surprised at how refreshing the book, “Laugh Again” by Charles Swindoll is. Published in 1992 (25 years ago) it has been on my most enjoyed and most encouraging book lists. This fall has provided a wonderful opportunity to read and study this book again. 

Our Adult Sunday School Class was going over chapter 9 where Chuck (may I call him Chuck?) writes about Philippians 3:12-16, “As I read over Paul’s comments, which sort of summarize his philosophy of life, five ideas emerge.” Join me in following his train of thought.

1. The plan is progress, not perfection. ‘Not that I have obtained it.’ We aim toward Christ-likeness, knowing we will never achieve the perfection of our Lord. Whew! What a relief! We can strive to be better, we can make progress in becoming more Christlike, even while understanding that perfection has been achieved, and we ain’t it.

2. The past is over...forget it! ‘Forgetting what lies behind.’ Dwelling in the past is not healthy on a long-term basis. Sure, a move, unhappiness with your current situation, grief over a loss will shove us into thinking about, even wishing for the good ole’ days. But let me tell you something. When we constantly talk about and idealize the past, we miss out on making the best of the present...what will become the good ole’ days in our future. Don’t miss out on the new ole’ days.

3. The future holds out hope...reach for it! ‘Reaching forward to what lies ahead.’ Paul is talking about a race, probably a chariot race. You want that prize, you lean out in front of that chariot, urging the horses forward. And so it must be for us in life, we need to have something worth hanging out of the chariot for. A dream, our family, a new this or that, something that makes our eyes light up and our pulse quicken. If you don’t have it...start looking for it...with hope.

4. The secret is a determined attitude… maintain it. ‘Have this attitude.’ This is talking about us. Each of us needs to have a determined attitude. Sometimes that means doing what we know we should do even when we don’t feel like it, with the hope we will someday soon really feel like it. Who’s attitude are we in charge of? Only our own.

5. The need is keeping a high standard...together. ‘let us keep living by that standard.’ This is talking about us together, in our church family, and I can say it no better than through Chucks’ words. “...encouraging each other to hang in there day after day is one of the many benefits of locking arms in close friendship with a small group of Christians.” And that is what we are trying to do, right here at DLABC, the small church with a big heart.

It’s a great five steps, inspired by God, written down by Paul, interpreted by Chuck, and brought to you by Karen. Think about these things…

                                                                            Blessings from your pastor,

Friday & Saturday, November 3 & 4
Christmas Bazaar, 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Sunday, November 5
Daylight Savings Time ends
Bring baked goods for ABWM Silent Auction
DABA Event, DABA Thanksgiving Dinner & Service at Omega Baptist Church, 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday, November 7
Bingo @ the Oaks, 2:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 11
DABAWM Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 12
Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes final collection date and dedication
Boards 12:15, Advisory Council 1:00

Thursday, November 16
ABWM, 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 19
DLAB Church Thanksgiving Dinner & Annual Meeting, after Worship
Newsletter deadline

Thursday, November 23

Sunday, November 26
Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal, 12:20-1:00

Women’s Christmas Party, Thursday, December 7, at 6:00 p.m.

November/December Dining Out at
Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, 225 E. 6th St.
Dayton, on Friday, December 15th, noon

Thanks For Serving in November

Worship Leader
Joyce Kelley

Vera Trigg

Cookie Baker
Amy Thompson

Children’s Church
November 5…N/A
November 12 Megan Farnham
November 19 Megan Farnham
November 26 Lori Frueauf

November 5 Lori Frueauf
November 12 Susan Sinks
November 19 Bev Scarpelli
November 26 Connie Sinks

November 5… Sinks Family
November 12 Caring Board
November 19 Judy Teeters
November 26 The Frueaufs

November 5… John Frueauf
November 12 Brian Thompson
November 19 Edmund Sasak
November 26 Edmund Sasak

Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes

We are encouraging the church family to fill  shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child project of Samaritan’s Purse ministry. Information about the program, what to put in a box, and how much it costs for shipping is available in the church narthex on a special table. The deadline for bringing your boxes to church is Sunday, November 12th.