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September Newsletter - The Tie Binder
September Events
Here’s your sign
Have you ever heard the comic, Bill Engvall? I was reminded of him yesterday in our after-church fellowship time. You might remember him as one of the ‘Red Neck Comedy Tour’ comedians (from the 1990s and the 2000s) with Jeff Foxworthy, who hosts Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. He has a series of one liners that people stupidly say to one another. His idea is that we should give people a sign when they say things that are not very bright, so his tag line is “Here’s your sign.” It’s worth checking out on YouTube.

For example, Engvall and his buddy get off a boat with a big string of bass. An on-looker says, “You catch all them fish?” Bill replies, “ Nope, talked 'em into givin' up.” Here's your sign. Or this one, when he tells about a truck driver who gets his rig stuck under an overpass. One of the folks who comes out of their homes to see the spectacle asks the trucker, “You get your truck stuck?” And without missing a beat, the trucker says "nope, I was deliverin' that overpass, and I ran outta gas." Here's your sign. And a last one, where he tells about a friend who bought two cakes for his wife's birthday, with a "3" on one and an "8" on the other. The store clerk asks, “Oh, do you have twins?” And the friend retorts, “Yup, my wife was in labor for five years.” Here's your sign.

God gives signs. Not for stupid stuff (well, ok, occasionally), but generally as a sign of completion and approval for following God’s direction. Bet you didn’t know that. Or maybe you did, but haven’t thought about how it might impact your life.

God gave all creation a sign that the great flood in Genesis 6-9 was over, and that God would never again destroy the world with a flood. You know that one….the rainbow. Every time we see the rainbow it is to remind us of this promise. 

Well, that doesn’t seem like much of a sign, does it. Where is the brimstone and hail? That would be a good sign. What about some booming words from heaven, audible to all? That would signify confirmation, to be sure. Why not a giant blessing of money or fame for our work? We could put that to good use.

But, no, God says getting it done is the sign. And if you consider this idea of the sign being the fulfillment, doesn’t it make sense? Isn’t it rather orderly? Maybe not what we would materialistically want, and maybe not the recognition we desire. 

So, try these on for size:
The reward for doing in getting it done.
The appreciation for a job well that you accomplished it.
The sign that you did what God that what was predicted came true.
No heavenly cracks of thunder, no human applause, no monetary rewards.
Just a simple plan of a sign, a sign that is given when the job is done.
And I will leave it at that, for you to ponder. Have a great September!
                                                                        With Love and Laughs, 
                                                                        Pastor Karen

Monday, September 4
Labor Day

Tuesday, September 5
Bingo @ the Oaks

Sunday, September 10
Boards 12:15, Advisory Council 1:00

Saturday, September 16
Outside Workday

Sunday, September 17
Women’s Sunday

Thursday, September 21
ABWM, 6:00 p.m.

Friday – Sat., September 22-23
Spiritual Growth Retreat @
  First Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon

September Servants

Worship Leader
Jerri Wood

Joyce Kelley

Cookie Baker
Megan Farnham

Children’s Church
September 10 Megan Farnham
September 17 Megan Farnham
September 24 Lori Frueauf

September 3 Susan Sinks
September 10 Bev Scarpelli
September 17 Connie Sinks
September 24 Judy Teeters

September 3 Megan Farnham &Amy Thompson
September 10 Mission Board
September 17 Joyce Kelley & Vera Trigg
September 24 Lillie Mae Allen & Bev Scarpelli

September 3 John Frueauf
September 10 Brian Thompson
September 17 Edmund Sasak
September 24 Edmund Sasak

A Note of Thanks

We extend our thanks to Michael and Barbara Baker who have been serving at Dorothy Lane for several years. Michael is our chairman of Trustee Board. Barbara is a member of the Diaconate Caring Board, ABWM President, and Chairman of our November Christmas Bazaar. Barbara coordinated our All Daughters Luncheon, our December Christmas party, and decorated Fellowship Hall for all occasions. We pray for their move and God’s direction as they continue to be His disciples.

Red-Free Beverages
Did you know that the red dye used in beverages can cause physical reactions in some people, especially children? Because of this concern, starting in 2018, we ask that when you bring juice or fruit drinks you choose beverages that do not have red dye in them. Many children’s drinks now come in clear and other colors besides red.
    If you have red beverages, let’s use them up this year, and start 2018 Red-Free.  
    Thanks for your attention to this concern. We encourage you to research this situation for yourself, if you have an interest.
    Thanks, Pastor Karen and the CE Board
Caring Board
October 15, 2017 will be our “Back to Church Sunday.” This is a special day for you to invite friends, family, and neighbors to join us in worship. We will be sending notes to many who we have not seen recently.
    We are updating our church directory in October. If we have incorrect information listed for you, please let the church office know as soon as possible.
    In August we sent out fourteen cards and made seven visits.
American Baptist Women
September 21 is our ABWM Salad Supper at 6:00p.m. Join us for an evening of “Feeling Renewed.” Flo Smith-Heizer is our coordinator for the evening and she will have ladies to provide facials and pampering for those attending. There will be other surprises as well. Joyce Kelley will give the devotions.
    Please continue to assemble health kits for us to send to Church World Service. The kits are used in times of disaster for displaced people. If you would like to have us assemble a kit for you, please give our treasurer Judy Teeters $10.00. Please bring your kit by Sept. 30.
    Plans for our Women’s Sunday are still being planned but be watching for data and more information.
    October 1 those interested in participating in the 2017 CROP Walk will assemble at the band shell at Triangle Park. We are looking for walkers and pledgers. Envelopes will be in Fellowship Hall soon.
    “Feeling the Wonder” - Save the date for October 19 when we have lunch and at 1:00 a bus tour of the notable women buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. We will be able to enjoy the beauty of fall as we take the tour. More details later.