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September Newsletter - The Tie Binder
September Events
Crafters Group every Tuesday @ 9:30 am

Monday, September 3
Labor Day

Tuesday, September 4
Bingo @ The Oaks, 2 pm

Sunday, September 9
Boards 12:15; Advisory 1:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 16
Newsletter deadline for October

Thursday, September 20
ABW Salad Supper, 6:30 p.m.

Friday-Saturday, Sept. 21-22
Spiritual Growth Retreat at
First Baptist Church, Mt. Vernon, OH

Friday-Sunday, Sept. 28-30
ABWM Wellness Retreat, Camp Canonicus
in Exeter, RI
Thank you for Serving in September

Worship Leader
September 2       Jerri Wood
September 9       Bob Heiser
September 16    Megan Farnham
September 23    Jerri Wood
September 30    Jerri Wood

Joyce Kelley

September 2       Susan Sinks
September 9       Connie Sinks
September 16    Judy Teeters
September 23    Linda Emmons
September 30    Lori Frueauf

September 2      The Frueaufs
September 9       Trustees
September 16     Megan & Josh
September 23     Ernie & Jerri
September 30     Roland, Oswald, Edmund,                             & Tim

September 2  
September 9  
September 16     Brian Thompson
September 23   
September 30  
American Baptist Women
    Our year is planned for 2018-2019 and we hope to have all of our women involved as we seek new ways to learn and serve! Our theme this year is Feel/Siente. We have planned programs to help us “feel” Christ’s presence and to help others to “feel” our love.
    Thanks to Pat Trent and all who participated in August 26 ABWM Women’s Sunday. The “Sermon in Song” was a beautiful collection of music.
    You are a part of ABW ministry when you serve in ANY part of DLABC’s ministry – on any board, sing, help with events, pray. If you look around, you will find almost EVERY woman in our congregation serving God with their talents in some way!
    We begin our new year with a salad supper on Thursday evening, September 20 at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Karen is arranging the program “Feel for Others” as we learn about Women at Risk International. This group unites and educates to create circles of protection around those at risk through culturally sensitive, value-added intervention. All are invited to join us as we fellowship together.
    September 21-22 the ABWM of Ohio Spiritual Retreat will be held in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Flo Smith-Heizer (ABWM of Dayton President) will be attending and has a room that she will share. Cost for the event is less than $40! Please see Flo for information and registration form.
    For your information: “ Feel for the Hungry” event – CROP Walk will be held October 7. If you are interested in walking or donating, please contact Jerri Wood for information. 
I have a plaque in my home on the living room wall. It reads “Pray Religiously”. I think that is funny. Really funny. It makes me laugh out loud (LOL). How else could you pray? 

Thinking about this brings me to wonder what the author of the saying and the plaque meant. What words could we substitute? Pray with commitment. Pray repeatedly. Pray with belief. Pray like ya mean it. Pray fervently. Pray without ceasing.

Back on July 8, I asked you to think of one thing to pray about, and pray about it for 6 months. So you’d be done this year. You would have prayed 182 days. I’ve mentioned it a few more times, and here it is again.

If you have been doing this, fantastic! I’m wondering how it is going? By now, it is probably becoming part of your daily routine. And while it may be a little early, you may see some change in your feelings over the situation your prayer concerns. And you may have received or discerned or figured out some part of the answer to the situation you are praying about.

If you are praying, but haven't gotten insight, or wisdom, or knowledge about the situation, don’t despair. It’s early. God is working on it. You are working on it. There will be a result from your prayer. Keep at it!

But then, perhaps you missed my prayer project completely. You were on vacation that day. Lunch was on your mind if you were there. Or maybe you were paying attention, heard it all, but just can’t think of what to pray for that is important enough to repeat each day for so long.

There’s still time. Pick something now. Put this newsletter down for 5 minutes and think about your hopes, dreams, problems, life in general. If you are reading this on our website, take your hand off the mouse, or finger off the scroll bar and consider this for 3 minutes. At the end, pick something. If you pray for a week and discover a better prayer, you can switch. Choosing not to pray….not so good an option.

There are many ways to pray. 

Pray religiously.  
Pray with commitment. 
Pray repeatedly. 
Pray with belief. 
Pray like ya mean it.  
Pray fervently. 
Pray without ceasing. 

But one way or the other, pray. 

Here’s a secret. Praying about one thing every day is going to change you and change your life. I know, you don’t believe it. The situation, the other person, the health issue, those are the mountains that must be moved, not you. That is fine. Think that. You will see, over time, the change in the one person you have the power to change. You. 

I’d preach some more, but I've gotta go pray. 

Can’t wait to see what God will do with my prayer.

Blessings, prayers and love,

Pastor Karen
Mission/Caring Boards
July Disbursements were:
Wu’s: $100.00
Dayton Christian: $75.00
United Missions Basic: $368.99
Bucket Fund: $3.28
14 Cards were sent