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March / April Newsletter - The Tie Binder
April Events
Sunday, April 5
Palm Sunday

Thursday, April 9
Maundy Thursday service & dinner, 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, April 12
Sonrise Service @ Community Golf 
Course 7 a.m.; Breakfast @ Shroyer Rd Baptist 8 a.m. No Sunday School

Tuesday April 14
ABWM at Wellington of Dayton, 2:00 p.m.

Sunday, April 19
Covered dish lunch – Mission/Caring Boarad will provide drinks.
Board Meetings12:30; Advisory 1:30

 March 17, 2020

Dear DLABC Church Family,

Wow! What changes we have weathered in the last few days! The threat of the spreading COVID-19 virus has made us all take some serious steps with the aim of stopping exposure and risk to us all. We are publishing the Tie Binder early so that you will have some information and communication in the midst of it all.

The church will be closed through the end of March. All meetings, activities and services are canceled. Toward the end of the month our church leaders will evaluate the best course of action for April and communicate this to the church family.

Inconvenient? Yes. Worrisome? Yes, and Yes again. Subject for prayer? Yes, Yes, Yes! 
Won’t you join with me in praying? Here’s a weekly rotation of prayer subjects for this moment in time.
Monday – pray for the world and all affected by the virus
Tuesday – pray for the medical community who risk their health to care for us
Wednesday – pray for your family, our church family, and your dear ones
Thursday – pray for our elected officials, locally, regionally, and nationally to make wise decisions 
Friday – pray for the very young, the elderly, and those with compromised health
Saturday – pray for Dayton, for Ohio, for America
Sunday – pray for your own individual needs

During this time of restricted gatherings and isolation because of the COVID-19 virus, we want to really work to keep in touch with our church family. Phone and email are two methods we can readily use. 
-If you need groceries or supplies, and are not able to get out, please let us know.
-Call or text me on my cell phone 937.430.0436. Please do not depend on a message left on the church phone! You are welcome to email me too, at
-I have started a YouTube Channel for sermons, Jack’s music, and more. The channel name is Pastor Karen E Johnson.
-We will use the email prayer chain and phone calls to communicate updates about church services and events. If you are not sure if you are getting these emails, you can email Susan Sinks at . 
-The church has a Facebook page, Dorothy Lane American Baptist Church which is updated frequently.
-The church has a website, , that is updated with newsletter info and news.

YouTube Instructions
-For those not familiar, this is a place where the world places videos of all kinds. To find it, use your computer, iPad, or smart phone. You can download an app to your device if you don't already have it. Don’t have any of those? If restrictions allow, reach out to someone to bring one over and watch with you. If this is not an option, call me! If needed, I can prepare an outline that you could read with your Bible in hand.
-In your internet search bar type It will take you to the site, and you will see a variety of popular videos that you can view. To see my sermons, mid-week devotion and Jack Smith’s music, simply go to the top of the YouTube screen. Click your mouse or cursor in the search bar and type Pastor Karen E Johnson. That is the name of the channel. It will show a list of available videos. Click on any that you want to watch, adjust the volume and enjoy.

God loves us. God is with us. In the easy times and the difficult. In the uncertainty of life and the certainty of a life after this one. Hang in there, brothers and sisters, we are going to make it through, with God’s help and love and each other.

Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow, 
Pastor Karen

March 16, 2020

Note from the Trustees –

I hope everyone is managing to stay well and keep busy. Though we have many limitations put on us now, mental or physical inactivity is not an option for personal long-term health. I am watching many folks walking our neighborhood as I write this. Guess I need to finish this note and get going 

Knowing we have a stretch of closures in front of us, I have taken measures to lower all utility usage in the church, ie; thermostats, etc. This past Saturday, I found some lights left on so I will visit the church daily to catch opportunities. My ongoing concern is a water leak as the church has some age to it! If you have savings ideas leave a message for me on the church voicemail.

Finally, we realize our church has financial responsibilities. I am in discussion with
Pat Manley (Treasurer) and Tim Haugen (Moderator) concerning accounting. We have church employee payroll, bi-weekly, utilities, etc. that must be paid. These are all concerns that each of us face personally.

So, if you are able to continue meeting your pledges or general offerings please send checks via mail to the church. If you have a church key, stop by any time and place your monies in the bottom offering plate at the usher’s station in the kitchen. I’ll check daily and work with Joyce Kelly on deposits.  

Oh and now with more free time I probably have no excuse not to read the Bible and pray daily! LOL

John Frueauf

Prayer for Sunday 3/22/20
I rejoice that nothing in all of creation can separate me from your love.
Even when the eyes of my soul are blind because I have lacked the faith to open them, I am held in your embrace.
You never let me go. You never turn me away.
Although I cannot see you, I hear your voice in my inner spirit.
In spite of the sound and fury of the world that rings constantly in my ears, in spite of the clamor of many competing distractions, your voice breaks through.
It is a gentle voice, soft yet persistent, understanding yet challenging, that comforts me when I am disturbed, and disturbs me when I am comfortable.
Penetrate my defenses and speak to me anew, O God.
Come as the wind that refreshes, the rain that cleanses, the fire that refines.
I lay bare before you the best and worst of myself.
Part of me yearns to know you, to do your will. Another part of me resists you. It wants to be left alone – alone to enjoy the pleasures of its addictions, to savor the rewards of its compromises, to bask in the smugness of its pride.
I bring both parts of me into your presence, gracious God. 
Heal the blindness of my soul, that, in seeing you as you are, I might see myself as I am, and affirming the good and vowing to change the bad, become whole.
Let me never forget that in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the night is far spent and the day is at hand.
When storm clouds gather and shadows fall, teach me not to be afraid.
Remind me that beyond the darkness of life’s many crosses, lies the radiance of Easter’s dawn.
Open my eyes to see this dawn even now, and give me faith to believe in the new heaven and new earth that you promise your people, in whom the risen Lord lives.

Prayer for Sunday 3/29/20
Most high and holy God, you have brought me to this time and place on my journey of faith.
When I was wandering far from you, enslaved by my darker passions, you waited patiently for me to come back home.
Confidence in your long-suffering love gave me the courage to take my first tentative steps toward you.
You greeted me with open arms. You welcomed me as your long-lost child, even as you welcome me now, rejoicing in our reunion, embracing me with tears, ordering a celebration.
No matter how much is yet unresolved in my life, no matter how many loose ends still dangle, I am learning to rest in your presence.
I want to live just for today, to grow beyond who I was yesterday, to stop worrying about tomorrow.
O God of time and eternity, because all things begin and end with you, I can let go of my need always to be in control.
I can turn over my life to your care and keeping, knowing that I am safe in the hollow of your hand.
You have given me the gift of grace in Jesus Christ.
In the blessed communion of prayer, I receive the gift again with thanksgiving.
You have brought me this far by faith, O Lord; take me farther still, I pray.
Help me grow beyond the unhealthy dependencies and incriminating inconsistencies that bind my spirit.
Remind me that growth occurs not through increased effort but through deeper surrender.
May I lean that any experience can serve a good purpose if I trust you in the midst of it. Therefore, let me not forget to thank you for the fears and tears, the foes and woes, the problems and pains that come my way, intermingled with the joys and successes, for each has its role to play in teaching me to seek first your kingdom.

American Baptist Women 
We sincerely appreciate Amy Thompson providing our March meeting. She brought so many supplies and we could make creative cards. We had twelve present and it was a wonderful time of fellowship.
We will meet with our friends at Wellington of Dayton on April 14 at 2:00 p.m. Coordinator of our visit is Judy Teeters, Devotions by Janet Mayo, and Hostess Bev Scarpelli.

The Dayton Area ABWM annual meeting that was scheduled for April 25 has been cancelled. It was to be at St John’s Missionary Baptist Church.. The toiletries we were asked to bring for White Cross request for Dayton Christian Center can still be donated and brought when our church reopens. A box to collect these items is in the Caring Center. Items included: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, wash cloths, towels, band aids, disposable diapers and a quilt or heavy blanket.  

Dates to keep open: 
May 9 at noon our All Daughters Luncheon. Also that day is our CWU May Friendship Day (1:00) at United Church of Christ.
  Our ABWM of Ohio Gathering will be June 13-14 at the Bridge Church (formerly FBC of Sunbury). Association President Flo Heizer can give you most recent information.
Spiritual Growth Retreat will be September 25-26 at FBC Mt. Vernon.

Starting April 14th, the Tuesday after Easter, the DLABC Crafters will begin their work on crafts for the fall Bazaar. All are welcome, and there is something for folks of all crafting abilities to do! The group starts at 9:30 and continues until noon every Tuesday morning.

Great Lady Lost
We received word that Charlotte Lehman passed away on January 18 which was just two months before her 102nd birthday. Her niece has communicated to us that an April funeral at our church or a graveside service in Urbana will be planned. We will let you know when details are finalized.
Charlotte was born in Champaign County in 1918. Her father Dr. Longfellow was a doctor and a farmer. Charlotte graduated from what is now Graham West Local School District (then Concord HS). She graduated from Sinclair Community College with degrees in accounting and liberal arts. During WWII she was a nursing volunteer and later employed in office work in Dayton. During retirement she volunteered at Dayton Literacy Council and tutored at Southdale Elementary.
She was married to Fred H. Lehman for 38 years before he died at age 99. She developed musical talents and played piano, organ and violin. Traveling was a passion and her favorite was to visit the area around Denver.
At Dorothy Lane she kept busy with ABW crafts and projects and was coordinator of Fellowship of Least Coin. She assisted monthly with Pioneer Club meals, served as a greeter and a faithful member of the Journeys Class.