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Small Church... Big Heart                 Serving God for 60 Years
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960 West Dorothy Lane
Kettering, Ohio 45409

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Dorothy Lane American Baptist Church
960 West Dorothy Lane, Kettering, OH 45409
Serving God for over 60 Years at Dorothy Lane American 
Baptist Church

We are a small church with a big heart located across from the Community Golf Course on West Dorothy Lane in Kettering, Ohio. We are a loving fellowship of people striving to walk Jesus' way. We cordially invite you and your family to join us in our journey together.  

There are 3 ways to worship with us!
- In-Person Worship will resume February 14 at 11:00 a.m. Face masks are required and social distancing will be observed. 
- Join us on Facebook live Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. 
- Look for our Sunday Worship Service anytime on YouTube (Search for Dorothy Lane American Baptist Church).
Remember last year at Easter time? We just didn’t know much about how long and how bad the Covid 19 pandemic would be. I don’t even think we were using the word pandemic yet. It was a fearful time. Everything was closed, and we were at home. Our church was closed, no services, meetings, groups.

I will remember working on the YouTube Easter Sonrise Service. We couldn’t meet in person, we couldn’t watch the sunrise from the high 18th hole of the Community Golf Course, we couldn’t be with our brothers and sisters of Shroyer Road Baptist, and we couldn’t have breakfast together.

In sort of a desperate attempt to create some type of worship experience, I set out with my cell phone, now turned into a video camera. I made a compilation of greetings from folks from both Dorothy Lane and Shroyer Road church families. Portions of the service were taped in both sanctuaries. Views from multiple outside locations were filmed in the early mornings that week before Easter.

I will remember the very odd feeling that came from not being in the church building with the congregation on Easter Sunday. I will remember that I was up nearly the entire night before, trying to finish and post an Easter sermon on-line. There was a steep learning curve to preaching and editing for video, and I was just beginning the climb. I cannot remember if I gathered with friends to eat that Easter afternoon. I don’t remember exactly what I did the week after, usually a week of rest. 

Some things are so clear and well-remembered. Some things have faded from my thoughts. Have you heard the term Covid-brain? It’s a foggy feeling when trying to remember names, events, places. It’s an unusual lack of sharpness and even difficulty concentrating on matters at hand. There may be some of that in play in thinking of Easter, 2020.

What do you remember from a year ago? How were you feeling? Consider those issues you were facing, the early isolation problems and maybe, solutions. What did you do on Easter last year? Do you actually remember what you did, or didn’t do? Has the memory slipped away, or is it burned into your mind?

And now, I invite you to step away from last year. For a moment, think about what your Easter will be like this year. Do you have the same issues looming in your life? Are you way past those things, or right in the same place? Will you come to Easter Sunday Worship, with your mask, with social distancing, this year? Or will you watch the Facebook Live video on our church Facebook page, or YouTube? Or will you miss Easter worship again, because you haven’t figured out the internet, can’t get out, or aren’t ready for being in public places?

And finally, can you take one more moment in considering where our Lord was, is, and will be in your life? In Hebrews 13:8 we read, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Life swirls around us, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. There is much we cannot control, and a few things we can. The permanence of Jesus, and his presence in our lives, is one thing we can count on, no matter what happens in our world this Easter.

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed!

Pastor Karen Johnson
Holy Week and Easter Schedule

The last session of our Zoom Book Study will be Wednesday evening, March 31. All are welcome to participate in your home, on-line, for this reflective time. Contact Pastor Karen to receive the Zoom invitation.

The Advisory Board has made the decision that we will not have a Maundy Thursday Service this year. You are encouraged to read the account of Jesus as he shares the Last Supper, goes to pray at Gethsemane, is arrested, tried, and crucified. You will find this in Matthew 26-28, Mark 14-16, Luke 22-24 and John 18-20.

Our Sonrise Service will be held in the DLABC Sanctuary from 7 to 7:30 am on Easter Sunday, April 4th. We will be on our own, as Shroyer Road has opted not to participate this year. By being inside, however, we will be able to enjoy musical accompaniment to our singing by Jack Smith. There will not be a breakfast after the service.

Easter Sunday Worship will be at 11am on Easter Sunday, April 4th, in the DLABC Sanctuary. Please join us on-line if you cannot be present with us in person. As it is the first Sunday of the month, we will also have the Lord’s Supper during Worship. We will keep to the current 35-minute Worship Service. There will be a few minutes for prayer requests and announcements at the end, after the Facebook Livestream Video Taping is off.